Our Solutions are SmartAs you like

Smart Asset Management Solutions provides a set of value adding services for organisations managing assets in any sector. As an organisation we fully agree with the concept that Asset Management is a process that derives value from the assets that an organisation is accountable for. We very much recognise that our clients have often been managing assets successfully for a long time but our philosophy is that by aligning asset related objectives with those organisational objectives at a strategic level greater value can be derived for stakeholders

However, alignment of objectives alone is not sufficient. Good asset management organisations also have transparent decision making processes which align with the values and principles of the organisation and its stakeholders. When these core principle of alignment and transparent decision making are coupled with strong risk management activities that influence the decision making process we start to be able to understand what best practice asset management looks like. Some of these activities are able to be captured in the collection of processes and procedures that an organisation uses to control its activities. Standards for management system frameworks like BSi PAS 55 and the emerging ISO55001 capture what makes a good practice management system framework for Asset Management and we espouse their adoption. Moreover we recognise that this is only part of the solution.

What we recognise is that every organisation has different stakeholders with different requirements. As such, each of our clients will have unique objective sets and unique values and principles which means that what works for one organisation will not necessarily work for another. We also recognise that our clients do not want to be tied to an advisor but want to develop their own capabilities.

Smart Asset Management was founded by Rhys Davies in 2010. Since then we have worked with clients in Asia, Europe and North America in a variety of industry sectors to provide support in steering them on their journey to asset management excellence. Our services comprise a mix of Consultancy, Training and Coaching/Mentoring to help them to achieve their goals. Our aim is to reduce your dependency on our services by developing your team through training and mentoring to the point where you are capable of doing the work yourselves. IN short our solutions are SmartAs you need them to be.